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Ketan Brothers Diamondz Exports
Ketan Brothers Diamondz Exports (KBDE) is one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cut and polished diamonds. Our legacy began in 1969 with Bagmalbhai Parikh, fondly called Babushah, who is known as the father of modern manufacturing in India. Now, the Company is spearheaded by Mr. Ketan Parikh and Mr. Jay Parikh, both of whom were formerly major promoters of the Mahendra Brothers Group.

Mr. Apurva Kothari, a leading sales executive with Mahendra Brothers, is also an integral part of the leading team.

The company is a versatile and forward looking one-stop-shop geared toward satisfying all types of diamond demands. It offers an entire range of certified and non-certified diamonds in rounds and fancies from 100 pct to 10.00cts.

Headquartered in the heart of the diamond district at Opera House Mumbai, the company is driven by a quest for excellence in manufacturing and high level of service, backed with contemporary software-driven management system.

Ketan Brothers Diamondz Exports